Baiting Ducks

Kelly and I went out for a movie this evening instead of finishing our remaining chores. On Wednesdays, AMC prints free small popcorn coupons with tickets ordered through their Movie Watcher program. Having just come from dinner, we pocketed the coupon with our stubs, but before we left the theater we picked up our free food. This particular theater sits in front of a pond, where ducks and Canadian geese stop to drink. Or just harass theater patrons. Feeling 5, I opted to share my popcorn.

Approaching the birds in the dark was a little creepy, as both ducks and geese were mostly sharing space, and those geese are mean. I tossed some popcorn to draw some ducks away, and they knew exactly what I was about. I had about 10 immediately jump for the food and continue towards my feet with many more behind them, and I began to back away. A couple geese started too, but I didn’t release more popcorn until they paused again. I ended up drawing more ducks, continuing to walk backwards so I could make sure I didn’t get swarmed. I didn’t really have a plan of what to do, but it didn’t matter as I pulled them closer to the theater entrance; I was laughing so hard there were tears.

I pulled many of the ducks onto the sidewalk in front of the theater and was considering leading them into the crowd, but now confronted with an audience of people as well, I felt extremely conspicuous. Also because I was still crying from laughing, and it was likely a confusing sight. I passed my half empty bag of popcorn to a group of kids who’s attention my spectacle attracted, and walked away, letting them take any heat for harassing the wildlife.

Next Wednesday I’ll need a plan.

Bike Ride Finder is a bike ride finder tool for locating and sharing group cycling events. It came about largely as an excuse to play with the Google Maps API and some custom code, and I’m mostly pleased with the plan, though the execution still needs some work. Features and design are still lacking, but the groundwork in place for expanding significantly. Most sharing on that project I’ll keep on a separate sharetheride notes blog.